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Best Apps to Use as a Photographer

Starting your own photography business can be pretty overwhelming, and its easy to get lost and possibly tricked by some of the apps out there. Here are a few apps and sites I use to help keep myself organized and keep the anxiety at bay. This one is a little on the longer side, but its worth the read!

1. Lightroom.

Lightroom is one of the greatest apps I have ever come across for photo editing. It can take just about any photo and make it look worthy of being hung up to showcase for the world. Although it does take some extra learning (there are a bunch of tutorials on Youtube, but I've also learned a lot from other photographers as well) and getting used to, once you have your set rhythm with it, you'll never use another app. You can streamline your editing process by creating your own presets, and that could even lead to you selling those for some extra income. I'll be posting a video of my editing process soon.

2. Instagram.

This one will seem obvious to most people, but its definitely worth mentioning because these days, Instagram is your business card. Taking the time to not just post new content but also engaging with other accounts is KEY as a photographer. You can try to join social media companies like EDST or others that help boost your posts, but the main objective is you have to give love to get love on Instagram. A lot of people think that once they post, that's where the hard work ends. To make the most out of your instagram, follow these tips:

  • Interact with other people's stories. Participate in their polls, slide the heart eyes emoji to where it should go, send reactions, or even just like the story. Instagram will see you giving the love, and show your stories to other accounts to get you more love.

  • Use the same core hashtags on every post. The more you use the same 10-15 hashtags, the more exposure you'll get and the more likely you'll end up on the explore page for that hashtag.

  • Don't put your hashtags in your original posts, put them as the first comment on the post.

  • Comment on other peoples posts. Its as simple as clicking on one of the hashtags you're already using, scrolling through to see posts you like, and letting someone know that you like what they're posting! Its best to use at least four words and 2 two emojis. People will love your kind words, so don't let yourself hold you back because you're worried about what that person might think.

  • Similar to this, if you really like what another person is doing on their page, feel free to shoot them a DM. Taking a second to just say "Hey! I found you using ________ hashtag and I love what you're working on! Keep it up!" will brighten someone's day, and create a great connection with that person for you.

  • Make sure there's at least 24 hours between your posts. This will look better overall for you.

  • To help even further with engagement on your stories, wait until your entire story has expired, then post a question, poll, or something that gets people to interact. You'll be amazed at the difference of the engagement.

3. QQTube

QQTube is a great resource to help boost some of your numbers on your profiles. For less than a dollar, they can boost your likes, views, followers, etc on apps like Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. Use this link here to sign up for your account: They also have an affiliate program that could help you make some extra income as well. I do use this from time to time to help boost some of my posts, but beware when buying followers, they may drop off about a month later. Its usually not too bad of a drop off, but will still happen.

4. Wix

I use Wix to run my site and I cannot recommend it more. I was using Squarespace, but Wix is a lot more user friendly. You can run your business email through them, run sales in your store, run email marketing, get updated on your Instagram and facebook pages, create your own app, have clients book online, keep track of sales and payments, boost your SEO, and so much more. I just recently applied for their affiliate program, and will keep y’all updated on that process if I get approved.

Creating your site is a breeze. THey have templates you can use that will set up your site, and you can just replace their stock photos with your own to create your portfolio.

5. Simplified or Copy ai

These sites are amazing to help write blogs, or even just captions for your social media! They both have word limits on their free accounts, but if you use them correctly, you can build a few blogs and schedule them to cover yourself until they reset. With the exception of this blog and any session story blogs I’ve posted, a lot of them were created with the help of these two sites. AI can be seen as scary and unknown, but this has saved me hours of blog writing which give me more editing and shooting time. I do prefer Copy AI over Simplified, as CopyAI will write the whole blog, whereas Simplified AI will only write chunks of content for you.

6. Capcut

By now, we have all seen the reels and Tiktoks that have the captions on them right? Studies have shown that reading something while listening to it will help you comprehend that topic better, and this app is the best for that. You can edit whatever video you’d like in the app, and they will auto create captions for you! They give you the ability to edit the captions to correct the grammar or some of the words if they were misinterpreted, and they even have Tiktok templates to help you make videos that are on trend now.

7. Pintrest

This one is honestly underrated in my opinion. Pintrest is crucial for photographers because it gives you the ability to make mood boards and shot lists for sessions. Clients can send you their mood boards, and then you can save those pins to make the shot list. I’m not sure why it took me so long, but it took me until recently to realize that Pintrest is a great place to promote yourself as well! There was a session i did recently and we used a mood board that the client and her best friend made, and after looking at the final photos, my boyfriend mentioned that they looked very much like what their mood board was and the light went off in my head! I was like “WAIT A SECOND I CAN POST THESE TO PINTREST!” Again, I’m really not sure why it took me this long to realize that Pintrest is an asset.

8. Calendly

Calendly is a fantastic free tool that can help you with scheduling sessions! When I offered free sessions to help build my portfolio, I initially used this site to have people book their free sessions there, before I switched over to my own site. This was great because you can set up your own intake form to get whatever information you need from people, and you can set your own availability. On my form, I asked for

  • name

  • email

  • phone number

  • type of session they were looking for

  • the location they wanted

  • what kind of music they like because i typically bring a speaker with me to ease the tension

  • I also left a box for people to explain anything else I might need to know to prepare for the session like if there were going to be kids involved, etc.

With the free account, I believe you can only have one type of “event” but I believe you can have more for about $12/month, and they send email and text reminders as well.

9. Quora

Struggling to figure out your next blog topic? This site has a great feature that you can type in any topic and see what questions people have regarding that topic. I’ve used it on a couple of my blogs! Knowing what people are looking for helps immensely to create blogs with the answers people need (or at least answers that you can offer them). This can also just be a resource for you in general to help find answers to questions you may have.

10. Unsplash

Because I don't have a massive portfolio yet, when adding photos to my blog posts to break up some of the word blocks, I always use Unsplash to spice up the blog. Unsplash is a great site that offers royalty free photos for you to use on any site. You’ll see the photographer credited in the captions of the photos. I’ve used this site to get photos for my website, for my blogs, for Youtube videos, music videos when I was trying to be a musician, and a few other things. Using this site is a great way to use amazing photos, without having any weird watermarks on them.

11. Google Workspace

I use this to run my email, and my google docs/sheets/etc. I can keep everything photography related separate from my personal writing and other documents. You can also set up your Google Business account through this so that when people google your business, all the information will show up as if you're searching for any other big time business. It's on the affordable side as well, and if you use a site like Wix to run your website, they can integrate with Google to run your business email and things like that as well. If you make the google business account separate from Wix, it's tougher to integrate them, so either run it through Wix, or just keep it on Google.

12. Printful

Hopefully you’ve seen some of my merchandise and my prints on my site or on my social media, and the site I use to offer those products is Printful. THis is a dropshipping website where you upload your designs, and they take that design, slap it on whatever product you want, then ship it to your customer! They tell you what it costs to make the product, and you can set what percentage of the revenue you get with them as well. For merchandise, I get about 25% revenue, for prints I do about 50%.

13. Facebook

Facebook is another one that seems obvious, but is actually an exceptional tool as well. I have gotten so many leads from Facebook and its groups and pages on there. I even made a great friend through one of the groups as well! Take a few minutes to look up groups in your area focused on photography and join a few and keep an eye on them! People who aren't photographers will post in there when they are looking for someone for weddings, family shoots, parties, etc. At least three to five times a day, I’m dropping my Instagram handle and website on posts to be considered for those opportunities. Be sure to check your message requests folder on Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis to make sure you don't miss any opportunities! I’ve had that happen to me once before and I was so bummed to miss a chance of shooting a surprise engagement session.

14. Canva

Canva is hands down one of the best websites I have ever used in my life. I have made multiple logos for myself and others on the site, I make most of my social media content on Canva, I've made presentations, business cards…you name it, I’ve probably made it on Canva. This is also one of the few sites that I find essential to pay for the subscription. You can do so much more with Canva Pro than you can with a simple/free plan. I will vouch for Canva always. You can create the instagram carousels on there, you can make stories on there, youtube thumbnails, facebook cover photos or ads, etc on there. The possibilities are literally endless. Think of it like an easy to use Photoshop.

Canva, whenever you want to sponsor me, I'm ready.

15. Clickasnap

Clickasnap honestly sounded too good to be true when I first looked into it but I love it so far! This is a site where you upload some of your portfolio, and get paid for each view! They do start with only getting pennies per view, but it's a great way to set it and forget it. I usually check it about once a month to see how much I'm earning. You can’t cash out until you earn $15, but you can also sell prints on this site as well, so it's a good way to make some somewhat passive income as well.

Let me know if you try any of these sites and tell me if you like them! I can try to answer whatever questions you may have about each site and app. Feel free to suggest some apps and sites my way too :)

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